Frequently Asked Questions

What does the RYDE Program do?
The RYDE Program assists young people aged between 16 and 25 to gain their ‘log book hours’ with our Volunteer Mentors.  If you are aged over 25, you are exempt from completing these log book hours.

Who can participate in the RYDE Program?
You can participant in the RYDE Program if you are aged between 16 and 25, have completed enough Driving Lessons to be competent behind the wheel, and have barriers to completing the remainder of your ‘log book’ hours.  Some RYDE Programs may have geographical boundaries so check with your RYDE Provider.

How do I get involved?
Go to the RYDE Programs page at, choose a Provider close to you, and make sure you are eligible for that agency.   They will make you an online login and help you get started.

Are there any costs involved?
Yes.  Each 90 minute session costs the Learner Driver $15 which is only payable online when booking.   Other ‘cash’ arrangements may be made with your RYDE Provider on request.

What do I need to sign up?
You need to have a valid Western Australian Learner’s Permit, a mobile phone, and a working email address.

Can I sign up at the RYDE Shopfront?
No, all signups for the RYDE Program need to be done by a RYDE Provider. These can be found at

What barriers make me eligible for the RYDE Program?
Your barriers could be anything, including;
– Lack of suitable driving supervisor
– Lack of money to pay for lessons
– Lack of a suitable vehicle to do your log book hours

What area do I need to live in to participate in the RYDE Program?
RYDE Programs may have differing rules regarding geographical eligibility, so check your eligibility with your RYDE Provider.

Will the Program pick me up from my house or school?
No, all RYDE sessions start and finish at a RYDE Shopfront in order to have brief turnarounds between sessions.   Learners and Volunteer Mentors meet at the RYDE Shopfront before inspecting the vehicle and commencing the driving session.

Can I choose between male and female Mentors?
Yes, within the RYDE booking system you are able to view information about the Mentor assigned to each available session.  There is also a brief ‘bio’ about each Mentor allowing you to find a good match for your needs.

Is your RYDE vehicle an ‘auto’ or a ‘manual’?
This will depend on the particular RYDE Program, but…. an auto can be used to complete the ‘log book’ hours even if you are going for a manual licence, you just need to sit your Practical Driving Assessment with the Department of Transport in a manual vehicle.

Can I use the RYDE vehicle for my Practical Driving Assessment?
No, because generally the timing of sessions it makes this difficult.

What do I need to do to become involved?
To participate in the Program you will need to undertake the following steps:

  1.  Read the FAQs to see if you suit the Program.
  2.  Contact the nearest RYDE Provider that you would be eligible for to arrange a ‘signup’ appointment.
  3.  Create an online account with your RYDE Provider.  You’ll need a mobile phone number, learner’s permit and email address to sign up.
  4.  Book a driving assessment with one of our partnered Driving Schools (at your own expense) to confirm that you have adequate skills to start your Mentor sessions.
  5.  Purchase RYDE ‘Credit Codes’ using Credit/Debit Card or Paypal.
  6.  Book Mentor Driving Sessions on the RYDE calendar.
Agency FAQs

Can I just send my Client to the nearest RYDE Provider to sign up?
No, you should explain the generic FAQs to your Client before referring them to a RYDE Provider.  This will give them an understanding of what the Program requires before sign up.  Also be aware that not all RYDE Providers offer sign up to the general public.  Check the RYDE Provider details to see who is eligible before referring.