If you’re aged 16 to 25, and are finding it hard to get experience behind the wheel, RYDE might be for you

To be eligible for the RYDE program, you need to be experiencing barriers to completing their compulsory ‘Log Book’ hours.  This could be because you don’t have access to a suitable vehicle, or someone with 4 years experience to accompany you.  To be involved in the RYDE program, you need to have ‘learned to drive’ with a professional Driving Instructor.  This is to ensure that the RYDE Sessions are just about gaining ‘Log Book’ experience and honing skills.

There are no geographical boundaries to participating in the RYDE program, though Learners must be assessed for eligibility and supported by one of the ‘RYDE Providers’ in the region.  Check out the ‘How’ tab for a list of local Providers.

The RYDE Program uses a current model automatic transmission vehicle for Driving Sessions.  You are still able to gain the required experience hours in this type of vehicle even if intending to get a ‘Manual’ licence.