Contact a RYDE Provider to find out if you are eligible.

RYDE Providers are organisations that can assess and sign up Learner Drivers for the program.  They will be there to support Learners through the online booking and payment process, as well as offer assistance along the way.  RYDE Providers also help to arrange a driving session with a qualified Driving Instructor to ensure that Learners don’t require extra formal lessons.

If a Learner Driver is assessed by the RYDE Provider as being disadvantaged by their limited access to vehicles or supervisors, they will be requested to undertake a single ‘Lesson’ with RYDE’s nominated Driving School.  They will make the assessment as to whether the Learner Driver has sufficient skills to drive a motor vehicle, and therefore be eligible to begin booking Driving Experience Sessions with the RYDE Program.

A list of RYDE Programs can be found by clicking here.