Warren-Blackwood RYDE

The RYDE Program helps young people who live in the Warren-Blackwood Region who are experiencing barriers completing their compulsory 50 logbook hours. The RYDE sessions are about gaining experience and improving skill rather than the initial stage of ‘learning to drive’.

Are you eligible?
16 to 25 years old
Have a learner’s permit
Don’t have someone with 4 years’ experience to accompany you

How do I access the program?
If you are having trouble getting your 50 logbook hours contact a RYDE provider and make an appointment to meet with a support worker. RYDE providers are local organisations that can assess and sign-up learner drivers to the program. Only a RYDE Provider can set you up as a participant of the program. They will support you through the online booking and payment process, as well as help along the way. They can also help to arrange driving lessons with driving schools.  You will need to have a minimum of three lessons and have been assessed to be suitable for the RYDE program before you commence.

How much does it cost?
Participants will be required to cover the cost of three formal lessons including assessment before you begin with the RYDE program regardless of previous experience. The assessment evaluates whether participants possess skills for basic vehicle operation, an understanding of road rules and, generally do not pose a significant risk to other road users or the volunteer driving mentors who may accompany them during driving sessions.

After the RYDE assessment, learner drivers are required to pay a small fee of $15 per 90-minute session. Sessions are paid for using credit codes bought through the RYDE website with Paypal, a credit card or debit card.  Or arrange at office to pay in cash with all sessions being paid for prior to session bookings. Your RYDE provider can help to explain this part of the process.  Speak to your RYDE Program Coordinator should you be having trouble in paying for lessons or RYDE sessions.

What will I need to bring when I sign up?
Once you’ve contacted a RYDE Provider and set up a meeting with a RYDE Coordinator you will need to take a few things with you before you can be set up as a RYDE participant. Please ensure you have the following information with you when you sign up:

  • Learners permit number
  • Mobile number
  • Working email address

Where will RYDE driving sessions commence from?

  • Manjimup CRC is the meeting point for clients from Pemberton and Northcliffe. The address is 45 Rose St, Manjimup or Manjimup Senior High School.
  • Bridgetown meeting point is the BYA Youth Centre, 33 Steere St, Bridgetown.
  • Greenbushes meeting point is the CRC, 46 Blackwood Road, Greenbushes.
  • Boyup Brook meeting point is the CRC, 86 Abel St Boyup Brook.

For more information or to contact Warren-Blackwood RYDE program:

Contact the Program Coordinator on 97993364 or ryde@blackwoodyouthaction.com.au

Volunteering with Warren-Blackwood RYDE Program
Volunteer Driving Mentors will take participants driving around the region. The sessions are a chance to practice driving and complete the required 50 hours of supervised driving rather than being a formal lesson where you are taught new skills each time. Mentors may show you different driving skills like parking and negotiating roundabouts however their primary focus is building up participant’s confidence and hours on the road.

How can I become a volunteer driving mentor?
Want to help make a difference for young people? Interested in mentoring or helping make the roads a safer place?

Our mentors are the key to the success of RYDE, helping young people become more responsible and independent. The mentor role can be a rewarding experience as you support young people achieve their 50 logbook hours, share knowledge about negotiating the roads, and build supportive relationships with young people.

The vehicles supplied are fully insured and maintained. Full training is provided, and associated costs covered. Our mentor will be required to complete an online induction. If required computers and support is available.


  • Current “C” class manual license for more than 4 years
    • Working with Children Check
    • Ability to relate to young people

For more information or to contact Warren-Blackwood RYDE program:

Contact the Program Coordinator on 97993364 or ryde@blackwoodyouthaction.com.au